Bean Song


Directed by Rawmix Productions.

Music Videos

from "World Go Blue"                                        Directed by Popeye Media.

Fool's Gold

Directed by Alfa.  Featuring Montessori preschool students.

Bare Feet

from "Spark & Fury"                        Directed by Alfa and Conrad Lihilihi.

from "World Go Blue"                                                           Directed by Paul Wight.

Round & Round

from "Spark & Fury"                                                         Directed by Rob Bieselin.

from "World Go Blue"                      Directed by Conrad Lihilihi. 

"The Road" - The Idle Hours

Alfa & Marc Lacuesta | Illustrated video.

Take Me Home

directed by A. Katz.

Bare Feet - 5 Instruments Live

Ukulele Billy Joel Cover

Every Word You Say (lyric video) 

Illustration by Sara Pozin.