July, 2020 - Hit songwriter Janis Ian put together a beautiful song for our crazy times and invited anyone in the world to contribute their own versions. Moved by the protests against police brutality and racism, I put together an English-Tagalog version called "Darating ang magandang bukas." Download it from Janis Ian's website or watch my YouTube performance, which closes with a bonus tune: "My Disaster."


June, 2020 - It's been heartbreaking to see reports of lines at food banks across the country, so I wanted to do my part to help - however small. In my living room, I did a live performance and recording of my favorite Joni Mitchell song and put it up for download, with 100% of proceeds going to the LA Food Bank. Click here to download and support the cause.

Plus, click here to read Music Connection's coverage of this project.


June, 2020- This one's possibly the most personal song I've written. I wrote this one about my dad's absence from my life. It's a topic I've long tried to tackle in my music (I've got the crumpled pieces of paper to prove it), but Box of Letters is the first time I felt like I got it all down the way I feel it. If this is something that resounds with you, I hope it helps you in some way. Lyrics here.

American Songwriter featured this performance of

'Box of Letters' in their Uncovering Acts series in June, 2020. See the article here.