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September, 2020 - I'M COMPLETELY FLOORED.  Alindahaw is a Grand Prize winner in the

John Lennon Songwriting Contest! I've been wanting to win this contest for years, and I'm proud to have won it with this song that is near to my heart, inspired by my grandparents' farm in the Philippines and sung in my native Visayan and English.

Check out the full winners list here.

I also want to give a shoutout to the team that produced and played on this song, Ainjel Emme, Anthony Lopez, Carl Thomson, Austin Underhill, and Jasmine Mills; Phelia Benigian, for writing this with me and helping to tweak grammar where needed. :) Full track credits here.

June, 2020 - It was an honor (and a trip) to share the stage with Emily Earle, MojoFlo, and host Eric Gnezda for Season 6 of Songs at the Center, now airing on local PBS stations around the US. You'll hear us sharing songs and the stories behind our songs round-robin style. Check out my performances of Round & Round and an unreleased tune called Slow Jam, plus lots more on the show!

Find your local PBS station here.

July, 2020 - Hit songwriter Janis Ian put together a beautiful song for our crazy times and invited anyone in the world to contribute their own versions. Moved by the protests against police brutality and racism, I put together an English-Tagalog version called "Darating ang magandang bukas." Download it from Janis Ian's website or watch my YouTube performance, which closes with a bonus tune: "My Disaster."


June, 2020 - It's been heartbreaking to see reports of lines at food banks across the country, so I wanted to do my part to help - however small. In my living room, I did a live performance and recording of my favorite Joni Mitchell song and put it up for download, with 100% of proceeds going to the LA Food Bank. Click here to download and support the cause.

Plus, click here to read Music Connection's coverage of this project.


June, 2020- This one's possibly the most personal song I've written. I wrote this one about my dad's absence from my life. It's a topic I've long tried to tackle in my music (I've got the crumpled pieces of paper to prove it), but Box of Letters is the first time I felt like I got it all down the way I feel it. If this is something that resounds with you, I hope it helps you in some way. Lyrics here.

American Songwriter featured this performance of

'Box of Letters' in their Uncovering Acts series in June, 2020. See the article here.

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