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... performing live in your home!

House concerts are my favorite way to get up-close and personal with audiences!  In this fun, unique format, I get to share the stories behind my songs and interact closely with listeners, guaranteeing a memorable event for all.  :)  

House concerts are intimate shows presented by a host who wants to share an artist's music with friends, neighbors, or co-workers. They're simple to set-up, and I'd be happy to help you organize a concert featuring me in your home!  My house concerts typically:


- Include two 40-minute acoustic sets with a break in-between (A workshop element can be added too!  One of these sets can be a tutorial on songwriting, guitar, or ukulele.)

- Are performed solo, with little to no amplification 

- Can be as intimate as 10 guests (great for small spaces!).  A sweet spot is 15 to 25 guests.

- Include a suggested donation (often $15-$20) per guest to pay for the performance 

- Can include light snacks or a pot-luck organized by the host

- Give guests a chance to interact with the performers and purchase merchandise straight from the artist

- Often provide food/lodging to the artist for the night

No two house concerts are exactly alike!  That's what makes them so fun :)

I tour throughout the U.S. and am always looking to meet new fans in this one-of-a-kind setting!   If you are interested in hosting me at a house concert, please contact Jan Terry at and she'll help you get started!

*Note: Currently seeking Midwest dates for late September, Northeast/Mid-Atlantic dates for early November, and West Coast/Southwest dates throughout Fall/Winter.

Alfa live in Manila, Philippines

Alfa - From Me - Live at Fox & Hounds

Alfa - Bare Feet - Live at Fox & Hounds

Alfa - Spark & Fury Acoustic Series

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